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Stable Micro Systems' instruments are the most precise and flexible on the market. Our team is the most knowledgeable.

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When you want the most precise and differentiating texture measurement instruments and expertise to solve your testing challenges, we are your team.

Universities and companies across North America choose to partner with us because of our instruments' precision, our outstanding support and our flexibility to test any application are unmatched by any other texture measurement instrument or company. Texture Technologies is the exclusive distributor for Stable Micro Systems in the US and Canada. Combined with our team's expertise in a wide variety of applications, we offer the best tools and expertise to help you solve all of your texture measurement challenges. As you strive to make your product or innovations the best, Texture Technologies is your on-call expert for all of your testing challenges.

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"Texture Technologies has always been extremely supportive of our research - not just when we purchased the equiptment but also with applications and modifying accessories."

Dr. Ali R. Taherian, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

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Fortune 500 companies, major universities, and others depend on us to meet all of their texture analysis needs. From meeting compliance requirements in the pharmaceutical and food industries to achieving quality standards of cosmetics and medical devices, our products are the equipment of choice for teams and labs who value precision, flexibilty, and durability. Our comprehensive line of materials testing solutions also measures the performance and effectiveness of thousands of adhesives, films, gels, powders and many other products.

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As the exclusive distributor of Stable Micro Systems’ texture testing equipment in the United States and Canada, we have partnered for the past three decades with universities and companies of every size. Our experience sets us apart. Please reach out and get in touch if you would like assistance with specific testing challenges. We will endeavor to understand your needs and then recommend appropriate instrument, fixtures and test methods.