Cosmetics + Beauty Products

Texture testing instruments to measure and analyze cosmetic products such as lipstick, deodorants, soap, nail polish, powders, and creams.

Texture Analyzers and testing instruments for measuring the textural and physical characteristics of cosmetics and beauty products.

All of the major players in the cosmetics industry have adopted the Stable Micro Systems family of Texture Analyzers for quantifying the characteristics of their products. In fact, our texture analysis instruments and test methods have been featured in Cosmetics and Toiletries magazine.

As mentioned in Cosmetics and Toiletries, “For manufacturers wanting to differentiate their products and substantiate their claims, texture analysis is a valuable tool. Scientific texture analysis provides quantifiable, repeatable and accurate data on the physical properties of food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and chemical products. It is now an established procedure in research and a valuable tool in the quest for improved quality control methods.”

Most textural analysis parameters can be easily quantified with the TA.XTPlus Texture Analyzers and Exponent software programs and some attributes can only be measured with our instruments. Some of the many parameters that our cosmetic product testing equipment can analyze include:

  • Hardness of lipstick, lip balm, wax, false nails, soaps, creams, and eye shadows
  • Break strength of lipstick, eye liner, and lip liner
  • Firmness and friction of deodorants solids, rollons, and antiperspirants
  • Combability and bend strength of hair before and after conditioning and treatments
  • Compaction strength of eye shadow and face powders
  • Container lid opening force
  • Actuation force of pumps and sprays
  • Consistency of moisturizing cream and paste
  • Friction of cosmetic applications and exfoliators
  • Spreadability of creams and face mask formulae
  • Stickiness and curing of nail lacquers
  • Tube extrusion energy and behaviors

Texture traditionally has been assessed, or analyzed, through human sensory analysis: smell, sight, taste, sound and touch. But these methods are subject to wide variability, even when using trained assessors. The use of instruments to measure texture defines and improves controlled conditions and enhances test accuracy, quantification and repeatability.

The Stable Micro Systems’ family of texture analysis texture analysis instruments is extremely easy-to-use and very flexible, providing accurate and reproducible cosmetics testing results. The TA.XTPlus, TA.HDPlus, and TA.XTExpress Texture Analyzers are simple to calibrate and easy to validate. These Texture Analyzers are used extensively throughout the cosmetics industry in manufacturing facilities, research & development environments, and academic settings worldwide.