Food texture analysis instruments for measuring the physical properties of food through compressive testing.

Texture Analyzers and analytic instrumentation for testing and measuring the textural and physical characteristics of food products


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The Stable Micro Systems’ family of texture analysis instruments is extremely easy-to-use and very flexible, providing accurate and reproducible food testing results. The TA.XTPlus, TA.HDPlus, and TA.XTExpress Texture Analyzers are simple to calibrate and easy to validate. These Texture Analyzers are used extensively throughout the food products and consumer packaged goods industries in manufacturing facilities, research & development environments, and academic settings worldwide.

Texture Technologies serves hundreds of university users in North America and hundreds more internationally. Our texture measurement instruments and texture analysis software programs are popular among Food Science, Technology, and Human Nutrition departments because they are extremely flexible and very easy to use.

In fact, the TA.XT Texture Analyzers have been the most popular texture analyzers worldwide for more than fifteen years. Their popularity is due to the ever-growing number of probes, fixtures, test methods and available applications for every food product imaginable. Foods which are tested with our instruments range from extremely soft gels (such as pectin, gums, stabilizers, colloids, hydrocolloids, agars, carageenan, surimi, protein gels, etc.) to the extremely hard products (almonds, nuts, hard candy, etc).

Many of the texture analysis parameters which can be quantified with the TA.XT Texture Analyzers and Exponent software programs are not otherwise quantifiable with alternative instruments. Such parameters include firmness, relaxation, swelling, adhesiveness/stickiness, tack, tackiness, resilience, springiness, cohesiveness, and extensibility.

Texture Technologies’ array of products can assist in a wide variety of food product testing applications, including: