Food Packaging

Food Packaging

Food texture analysis instruments for measuring the properties and tensile strength of food packaging materials.

Texture Analyzers and analytical instrumentation for testing and measuring the textural and physical characteristics of food packaging materials.

Texture Technologies has been serving consumer packaged goods and food products companies for years to help determine the tensile strength and other properties of their food packaging materials. In fact, our texture measurement instruments are perfect for food packaging materials analysis, capable of measuring breaking stress, seal strength, peel strength, adhesiveness, burst strength, elasticity, tensile strength, dynamic shear and other properties for food packaging and adhesive materials.

The Stable Micro Systems’ family of texture analysis instruments is extremely easy-to-use and very flexible, providing accurate and reproducible packaging test results. The TA.XTPlus, TA.HDPlus, and TA.XTExpress Texture Analyzers are simple to calibrate and easy to validate. These Texture Analyzers are used extensively throughout the packaging industry.

Most textural analysis parameters can be easily quantified with the TA.XT Texture Analyzers and Exponent software programs and some attributes can only be measured with our instruments. To accomplish this, we have developed a number of probes and fixtures specific to testing food packaging materials including classic tensile testing, friction sled rigs, blister pack testing, 2-clamp hold-down rigs, advance tensile testing, custom peel rigs, 90-degree packaging peel, 4-clamp hold-down rigs, custom peel rigs with inserts, lid peel seam testing, film strength and flexibility testing, floating peel rigs, and loop tack tests.