How do you measure crispiness, crunchiness, and other properties that are highly important to consumers? Almost all leading snack manufacturers in North America, and likely worldwide, depend on us to help them quantify the textural and physical properties of their snack products.


Texture Technologies has helped dozens of snack foods companies develop test methods and fixtures for quantifying the mission-critical textural attributes of their products using Stable Micro Systems' family of Texture Analyzers. Our methods have allowed them to quantify very precise textural characteristics and to correlate those behaviors with consumer panels. Once the methods have been used in R&D environments, the same methods and instruments have been deployed to their manufacturing plants and suppliers nad co-packers.

Additionally, Texture Technologies and SMS have developed many unique probes and fixtures that assist snack food manufacturers in analyzing the texture of their consumer packaged goods including acoustic testing, multiple puncture rigs, multiple shear rigs, three-point bend tests, cut tests, crunchiness fixtures, tortilla and film rig, and a chip rig. Our extensive testing experience in the snack industry has given our staff the capability to recommend test methods that are suitable for the textural attributes that are important to customers.


Most textural analysis parameters can be easily quantified with the TA.XT Plus Texture Analyzer and Exponent software program and some attributes can only be measured with our instruments. Some of the many parameters that our product testing equipment can analyze include crunchiness, crispness, brittleness, hardness, fracturability, shelf life, packaging effectiveness, and many other characteristics.

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